We seek the best legal arrangement for the business decisions of our clients, offering integral solutions to their corporate problems.

We advise on everyday corporate activities: holding board and governing body meetings, dismissal and appointment of directors, capital increases and reductions, amendments to statutes, dissolution and liquidation of companies, dividend payments, keeping of books, accounts deposits... We have over 20 years of experience serving as not board members and legal advisers.

We advise executives and governing bodies on their duties and liability regime. To do this, we maintain direct contact with them, being aware of the operations they intend to carry out and recommending the adoption of measures which could avoid liability (expert reports, insurance, contents of the minutes...). In this context, we assume legal direction of liability procedures of managers and directors.

In the constitutions of companies, we pay special attention to the content of the articles of association, understanding the objectives of our clients and trying to anticipate future conflicts.

On many occasions, we complement the statutes with the rules of the of boards of directors and partner agreements: ancillary services, governance of the company (reinforced majorities, vote syndication, composition of boards of directors and management, etc.), capital increase policies, dividend policy, transfer of shares regime (first refusal rights, drag-along and tag-along rights), unlocking clauses, etc.

We participate in mediation and conflict resolution among partners and defend their interests both in court and extra-judicially. 

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