We offer legal tools suitable to any situation of actual or imminent insolvency, to favour the continuity of the company if possible and advising to perform an orderly closing of the business if otherwise.

All the years of effort, perseverance and sacrifice behind any company deserve the searching and analysis of all kinds of solutions that allow the survival of the company in an economic, financial or social crisis. We help to analyse the actual situation of companies, their indebtedness, their workload, their business prospects and job structure. By carrying out this analysis, we study alternatives, negotiate with the various stakeholders (financial, labour, vendors, institutions, etc.) and provide legal tools in order to continue the business activity.

It is very important to address the crisis in time in order to have sufficient capacity to maintain the activities while the necessary measures are negotiated and adopted. Additionally, it must be remembered that delaying such decisions can generate liabilities for the company managers.

Ultimately, if the only alternative is to close the company, we advise our customers to perform an orderly closure, minimising at the same time any liability of its managers.

We also participate in debt restructuring negotiations, in filing bankruptcy proceedings, in negotiations with workers, in the processing of redundancy plans, on the sale and liquidation processes of production units and in the defence of administrators and managers.

Finally, we act as Insolvency Practitioners in many processes. 

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