Civil Law is the backbone of our law and, therefore, civil law is always present in the provision of our legal services. In addition, we also advise our clients' partners and managers on personal matters.

We have a department specialised in Civil Law, to which several professionals who coordinate with commercial layers and tax specialists are exclusively ascribed, allowing us to find multiple and innovative solutions.

In the area of the Duties Law, we plan and draft contracts and any other civil legal business: real estate and asset purchases, donations, leases, work contracts, "turnkey" contracts, forward contracts for the sale of movable property, buying and selling options, bonds and guarantees, sales contracts with reservation of property rights, provisions prohibiting transfer or disposal, finance leases, lease-back, among others.

As regards Rights in Rem, we provide services relating to all types of surface rights, on building and sub-building, mortgages, pledges, usufruct, easement, etc. We also intervene in domain records, operations of new building declarations, horizontal property, timeshares, associations, aggregations, segregations and divisions of land.

We also advise on Family Law (Common and Regional): marriage contracts (community property, separate property, property earned during marriage, regional communication, participation, etc.), custody of children institutions, dowry institutions, procedures for annulment, divorce, separation, etc.

Finally, in relation to Inheritance Law, we have proven experience in planning wills (regular open, joint, by curator, holographic...) or other succession forms (succession agreements, mortis causa donations, trusts...) both in Common Law and Regional Rights; and in particular, to plan inheritances and settlement of matrimonial property regimes, always trying to achieve tax optimisation of such operations. In fact, we are the reference firm for several notaries in our environment. 

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