A team with values, vast knowledge, expertise and, of course, people in love with their profession.

We listen to you. We want to know you, to understand your objectives. We make them our own and do everything possible to achieve them.


"BSK gives us the guarantee that we are doing things properly from a legal point of view. We appreciate their proximity, availability and professionalism. In the technology industry changes happen very fast. Therefore, we need flexibility and creativity in order to respond to the new challenges before us. BSK understands this and covers the entire range of services we require. They have done it over the different stages and business models that we have raised. We feel that they know us very well".

Ainhoa Lete

Bunt Planet

"We know BSK for many years and we have always considered them good professionals. A few years ago we had to set up a company in China and they really surprised us. They immediately contacted their Globalaw colleagues in Beijing, they accompanied us throughout the process and they solved all the doubts we raised. For the time we arrived at Beijing, all the paperwork had been checked by BSK and was ready. We thought it was going to be very difficult, but thanks to their help it was much easier".

Iñaki Torrecilla


"We have been working with BSK for more than 20 years. During this time, mainly, they have helped us in the preparation of commercial contracts and have been our tax advisors. Working together for such a long time says it all. What do we value the most? The most important thing in these matters: trust ".

Roberto Álvarez

Ad Hoc Comunicación y Marketing

"Since I accepted the General Management of the EVIA GROUP, more than 20 years ago, BSK has gone along with us, providing us with their tax and legal point of view for our business decisions. We have dealt with them M&A processes, the negotiation of important distribution contracts, the launch of new lines of business, the monitoring of our foreign subsidiary companies, the relationship among our shareholders..., becoming an active member of our management team".

Iñaki Odriozola


"In a few years we have grown from being a medium enterprise to becoming an international group of more than 12 companies. BSK has been our perfect partner through this path. On one hand, in our day to day, they respond accurate and quickly to our needs in all legal areas. On the other hand, their contributions are key to our national and international corporate operations and to the implementation of new projects related with new technologies".

Josu Azcue


"When we first met them, we were looking for a full legal and tax service firm, with high quality standards and proximity. We succeeded in the choice, they are different".


"We have trusted BSK since their foundation, more than 25 years ago. Then we bet for a young firm, formed by well-trained professionals and with enthusiasm for their work. We wanted a firm that would consider us as an important customer, not just another one, and that would devote us time and give us a quick reply. Today they have grown up, but they maintain their initial spirit. We still feel to be important to them. In addition, they have evolved with us and respond to our new demands".

Iñaki Azcue

Bombas Azcue

"In a specific moment of our history we had to face a very important lawsuit against a big multinational company. We chose BSK as our law firm to lead it. Their dedication was enthusiastic: they looked for all type of evidences, understood the technical reports, developed solid legal grounds and built a very complete case. I enjoyed watching them raising the interrogations at the lawsuit hearing. The work was perfectly done and we won the claim".

Lorenzo Mendieta


"I would highlight their great professionalism and follow-up in the enquiries, as well as the familiarity in our relationship. In short, quality service and friendly manners".

Marí­a Jesús Alzuguren


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