Much of the business of tomorrow will be born of today's entrepreneurship. This premise is not new for us, since from our origins we have supported the birth and development of many business projects, projects that are a reality today.

Legal and tax issues associated with the start-up of a new business project are usually perceived by entrepreneurs as a succession of obstacles in a field that they do not understand. Based on the knowledge that they give us about their project, we explain the different alternatives and advise on the most appropriate ones for the attainment of their objectives. And our work does not end there, because from that moment we accompany entrepreneurs in the start up of their projects.

In this regard, our extensive experience in this area, which includes technology centres, business incubators, development associations and universities, gives us a view of the specific circumstances, needs and priorities of these projects from various perspectives.

In most cases, the entrepreneur needs investors (individuals, family offices, business angels, venture capital entities) that will provide capital, expertise and contacts. In these cases, it is essential to strike a balance between the interests of entrepreneurs and potential investors, for which we design the process of acquisition of shares (non-monetary contributions of entrepreneurs, share capital increase, including share premium of investors, tax optimisation, etc.) and establish the rules governing their relationship in the future (statutes, partner agreements, management model, disinvestments, etc.).

In addition, many new projects have a high technological component. Also, our experience in industrial and intellectual property and new technologies allows us to establish the contractual and protection framework that best preserves the know-how of the entrepreneurs. In the same vein, we optimise, from a taxation point of view, the project to be developed by the entrepreneur (deductions for R&D&I, "Patent Box", etc.). 

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