The market has become globalised, and so has BSK. Proof of this is that we regularly advise companies in our environment belonging to multinational groups, and local companies that have internationalised or that are in the process of internationalisation.

We accompany our clients in their investments and international operations. In this regard, we provide specific tax advice, commercial and work-related, with the aim of achieving an adequate structure to their business needs, taking into account the legislation applicable in the countries concerned.

We participate in the constitution and monitoring of companies, in the acquisition of companies or in the creation of permanent establishments, and in any other forms of partnership, such as joint ventures, UTE, AIE, consortia, joint accounts... And we do so both for foreign companies investing in Spain and for Spanish companies investing abroad. In these processes, besides the commercial aspects, we analyse the tax implications both domestically and internationally (indirect taxes, duties and direct taxes).

We generate contracts with clients, suppliers, professionals and subcontractors (construction, "turnkey", supply of materials, sale or lease of equipment, provision of services, agency, distribution, licensing, technology transfer , collaboration, etc.), taking into account the legislation and jurisdiction that may apply and the tax costs that may arise from such contracts.

We have extensive experience in setting up the contractual frameworks of impatriate and expatriate workers, as well as in determining their taxation.

When necessary, we coordinate our work with foreign law firms, acting as their interlocutors, monitoring their performance and even travelling with the customer. To do this, we have professionals integrated in the international network of lawyers Globalaw, a network of which we are members and that consists of more than 106 law firms, with more than 4,500 professionals located in more than 90 countries.

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