We provide the most appropriate response to increasingly tough Criminal Law requirements, from setting up crime prevention programmes to legal advice, making good use of a multidisciplinary team of criminal lawyers and specialists from other legal branches whose integrated knowledge is essential to provide our clients with the best defence.

Typical behaviour compiled in the Criminal Code encompasses a very wide range of crimes, with a particular emphasis on crimes related to Corporate Criminal Law, Inland Revenue crimes or relating to money laundering, corporate crime, fraud or bankruptcies, crimes related to intellectual and industrial property, land development, violating workplace safety, etc.

Faced with such a wide range of crimes and fully aware of new challenges emerging from the recent Criminal Code reform by Organic Law 1/2015, we provide preventive advice and analyse any business-related risks, setting up relevant control measures using programmes and protocol (Corporate Compliance) to avoid possible criminal responsibility for the company and its administrators, representatives or employees.

With regard to litigation, we assist and represent our clients, as the defence or prosecution, at all stages of a criminal case: from the start of the proceedings and the preliminary hearings right up until the case is heard and possible lodging of a complaint, always making our wide-ranging experience before the Courts available to you to best defend your interests.

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