Industrial property

Protection of Industrial Property: a cornerstone of companies in the 21st century.

This is not exclusively a matter of prestige. The value of patents, utility models and know-how of businesses can be very important for their economic development, enabling them to obtain benefit directly and / or indirectly, from the results of the R&D&I processes, as well as from business alliances generated in this context. Also, corporate brands are becoming, in many cases, their most valuable assets.

In this context, we help our customers to effectively regulate their industrial property rights, adequately protecting them against the corresponding industrial property offices (SPTO, OHIM, WIPO) and negotiating agreements and conventions of any kind that accrue to their best optimisation (result exploitation agreements, licensing agreements, joint ownership, inter-institutional agreements, consortium agreements. etc.). To do this, we usually collaborate with different Industrial Property Agents.

From a fiscal point of view, we optimise the efforts of our clients (deductions for R&D&I, "Patent Box"...). 

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