Work and social security

We get involved, beyond a simple technical answer.

The world of labour relations is becoming more and more complex every day: new forms of enterprise, new global demands, increasing competition... Because of this complexity, knowledge and control of labour relations has been, and is, key in the design and development of any business strategy. Our services in this area are comprehensive and range from setting up the working conditions of management and general staff to collective bargaining processes, through relationships with the administration or legal direction in all kinds of social legal proceedings.

Thus, we seek the best alternative for establishing the working conditions of the staff of the company, from the most basic labour contract to the most complex engagements and clauses (shields, loyalty, non-competition, permanence...), including the regulation of working conditions of managers and directors.

We also support our clients in the troubled world of collective bargaining, taking part in all kinds of processes of negotiation of labour agreements (collective agreements, company agreements) or corporate restructuring processes (subcontracting and outsourcing, wage or day adjustments, changes in working conditions, employment regulation procedures...). Significantly, we also collaborate with several business associations.

Furthermore, we advise the client from a dynamic and practical perspective, in those procedures and formalities to be carried out before any kind of public organisations (Social Security, Work Inspectorate, Labour Delegation...). In particular, we put an emphasis on seeking the most favourable option for our clients in terms of performance, contributions or bonuses within the changing environment of Social Security and defence against punitive actions of the Work Inspectorate.

Also, in coordination with our clients, we propose and execute legal direction of all kinds of legal proceedings in which labour or social security disputes arise, monitoring all stages, from pre-conciliation (SMAC, PRECO, etc.) to the trial and all judicial remedies that may arise.

Finally, it must be noted that we respond to the increasingly intense internationalisation needs of our clients ("impatriation" and expatriation of workers, temporary moves, etc.). 

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