Non-profit organisations

We are pioneers in providing comprehensive advice to foundations and non-profit organisations.

For over 20 years, we have had a specialised team to advise foundations and associations, both private and public, and which has a thorough understanding of the applicable law and extensive experience in the industry.

We participate with our clients from the beginning of their projects on the analysis of the most appropriate legal status of the entity to form, in the preparation of their statutes, rules of procedure, action plans, cooperation agreements with companies and institutions...

We advise these entities in their day-to-day activities, giving them a wide range of services, performing secretariat functions for their different organs (board of trustees, assemblies, executive boards, commissions), drafting all kinds of documents and personally taking charge of relations with registries and protectorates.

We also advise them on employer liability and that of other members of management bodies, and on procedures for granting and revoking aid and subsidies, as well as disciplinary procedures linked to them...

In particular, we serve numerous scientific and technological agents to whom we provide specific advice on contractual and self-contracting matters. We also participate in their processes of accreditation in the different networks and public registries of science and technology.

It must be noted that our Tax Department has experienced professionals in advising non-profit entities, who pay special attention to the tax specialities of such entities, particularly in terms of company tax (requirements to be met for the application of the special arrangement that apply to them, types of exempt income...) and in terms of value added tax (person liable to pay the tax, implementation of possible exemptions, pro rata regime...).

In this sense, we also care about promoting tax incentives provided in terms of patronage and corporate sponsorship to those seeking to collaborate with the purpose of the general interest of associations and foundations.

Regarding accountancy, we collaborate in the preparation of action plans, annual reports and accountability.

Finally, we have participated in numerous restructuring and transformation operations in which non-profit entities have been involved (mergers, transformations of foundation partnership, overall assignment of assets and liabilities of commercial companies to foundations, etc.), paying attention to issues of special complexity (risk analysis regarding the loss of subsidies and contractual resolutions, and fiscal and labour implications, among others). 

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