Luis Unceta-Barrenechea

Director Partner


After graduating in Law in 1988, I immediately joined Arthur Andersen Asesores Legales y Tributarios. There I found, maybe without knowing it, what was looking for: I wanted to be a lawyer specialising in business law. To do this, I needed training, learning from my "bosses" (how the jobs were organised, how they sought out "excellence" and they applied a constant review and training policy, how they worked with clients, etc.), work in multi discipline teams, work alongside the clients to meet their objectives and help them through the bad times, etc.

This all seemed great but one day, my inner businessman (I could never decide whether to be a lawyer or a businessman) made me make a decision, maybe rashly (I was only 26 years old): I decided to set up my own firm, but not a traditional firm; I wanted to apply what I had learnt. If the people of Gipuzkoa are capable of setting up industries that compete all over the world, why couldn't I set up a "law firm-company" that could compete with the major firms in our environment? That is how BSK Legal & Fiscal came into being.

It has been more than 25 years since BSK was founded and my dream has come true thanks to collaboration, hard work and the "infatuation" of great professionals who believed in the project that we have been designing all the time (we have evolved in line with society and our clients, aiming to keep one step ahead of their needs) and they have made it their own. We also owe a lot to all those clients who trusted us and allowed us to become of the benchmark law and fiscal consultancy companies in our environment.

I have no doubt that over the next 25 years, BSK will continue to maintain the principles that have always inspired us: continuous training, quality, review, personal care, commitment to our clients, work and dedication. 

Areas of work

Commercial contracts, Mergers and acquisitions, Bancario y Financiero, Procedural, arbitration and mediation, Family business, Corporate.


 Arthur Andersen Asesores Legales y Tributarios and BSK Legal & Fiscal

Academic background

 Degree in Law (UPV/EHU)

Languages known


Luis Hilario Unceta-Barrenechea Sistiaga