Felipe Álvarez

Fiscal adviser

After an initial stage as an auditor in which I consolidated accounting and financial knowledge, I joined the firm in 2009. Firstly in the San Sebastián office and from 2012 in the Pamplona office as it opened. Since I joined the firm, I have worked exclusively on fiscal consultancy and my work is currently focused on reviewing taxes that affect companies and their partners, fiscal planning of operations that are going to be carried out given the fiscal consequences for the whole operation with economic transcendence, progressive establishment of an appropriate taxation policy that increases the company's efficiency by means of identifying opportunities and reducing risks, preparing and presenting consultations, written documents and appeals to present to the tax authorities, assistance in inspections, restructuring family businesses and groups of companies, as well as assistance for accounting departments.

Proximity to the client, continuously learning with them, understanding their problems and occasionally solving them, is the greatest satisfaction you can achieve as a professional.

Areas of work

Taxation, Mergers and acquisitions.


Deloitte between 2004 and 2009.
BSK Legal & Fiscal, from 2009 to the present day.

Academic background

Degree in Economics from the University of Navarre (2004).
Accounts auditor and member of the Spanish Institute of Sworn Accounts Censors.
Máster profesional en tributación/asesoría fiscal (UDIMA).

Languages known


Felipe Álvarez